Sublime Text developer plugins

Sublime text is a great editor. Unlike PHPStorm, my editor of choice, it can work well in a virtually mounted file system (such as SSHFS). However it requires a few plugins to include all the features I know and love from PHPStorm. This post shares some simple configuration files and recommended packages.

These are the packages I recommend:

Ideally, all members of the team will have the same automatic styling, reducing whitespace changes and churn in the codebase. If I'm working in a legacy codebase, or on a team where we can't standardize code formatting, I'll turn off automatic styling. For my own files I'll run the formatter, but for minor changes to other people's code, I wont restyle their work.

If you find lots of white space changes being committed, I recommend separating out the whitespace changes into their own commit by running the formatter first as your first commit. This keeps the style changes separate from code changes.



Because React code can be very heavily indented, I found myself increasing the line width.

	"prettier_options": {

		"printWidth": 120


Mess detector

I love mess detector for its unused code warnings- it can catch typos in variable names.


 "linters": {

        "phpmd": {
         "rulesets": "codesize,controversial,design,naming,unusedcode" }


Code formatter

Below is my code formatter ruleset.

        "syntaxes": "php", // Syntax names which must process PHP formatter
        "php_path": "/usr/bin/php", // Path for PHP executable, e.g. "/usr/lib/php" or "C:/Program Files/PHP/php.exe". If empty, uses command "php" from system environments
        "format_on_save": false, // Format on save
        "php55_compat": false, // PHP 5.5 compatible mode
        "psr1": false, // Activate PSR1 style
        "psr1_naming": false, // Activate PSR1 style - Section 3 and 4.3 - Class and method names case
        "psr2": false, // Activate PSR2 style
        "indent_with_space": false, // Use spaces instead of tabs for indentation
        "enable_auto_align": false, // Enable auto align of = and =>
        "visibility_order": false, // Fixes visibility order for method in classes - PSR-2 4.2
        "smart_linebreak_after_curly": false, // Convert multistatement blocks into multiline blocks

        // Enable specific transformations. Example: ["ConvertOpenTagWithEcho", "PrettyPrintDocBlocks"]
        // You can list all available transformations from command palette: CodeFormatter: Show PHP Transformations
        "passes": [
          "ShortArray", // [] vs array()
          // "SpaceAroundExclamationMark",

        // Disable specific transformations
        "exclude": ["PSR2IndentWithSpace",