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Early this year, I joined Meg Staton's group at the University of Tennessee as a mobile and web developer. My major project since then has been designing, coding, and releasing the mobile citizen science app TreeSnap. I think it's a fantastic project, and I'd love it if you visited the app's website to learn more.

What is TreeSnap?

In short, the app aims to connect tree lovers and scientists by asking citizens to report "survivor" tree species threatened by pests and disease. Users answer a few question, snap a few pictures, and the app sends the information, along with GPS coordinates, to the TreeSnap server. There, scientists who study disease resistance or run tree breeding programs can use the collected data for their research, or follow up and collect tissue/pollen/seed for their research!

TreeSnap in the news

I'm grateful to Carol Spence for interviewing Dr. Ellen Crocker (the extension specialist on TreeSnap) and myself about TreeSnap. The original article was published in UK Ag News on July 18th 2017.

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