Tools for science: Citeulike

I’m pretty sure I have too many gadgets for managing my academic references.  I’d surely be better off if I spent more time reading the literature, and less time setting up new accounts that I’ll neglect (this blog being a perfect case in point).

Every year for my journal club, I try to get people to use Citeulike.  It’s a great concept- install a browser bookmark, and with one click, import all of the metadata for a paper to your personal library.  Tag it (which I always neglect), and there you go.  It’s pretty tough to stump the import tool (this wasn’t always so), so without much effort, it pulls the title, author, abstract, and journal info. citeulike

A citeulike entry

Which is all nice, but it doesn’t stop there.  Citeulike has all sorts of functionality for sharing papers with a dedicate group, or just e-stalking a scientist you have a crush on (or who stays on top of the literature).  In theory, this means you’ll be plugged into your academic community, noticing new publications and seeing who is reading what.

In practice, it’s been a bit more lonely.  As it is, I use it as a citation repository for articles I haven’t read, or read but don’t want to keep in my papers library (an upcoming post on that!).  My Citeulike library is here, if you have any interest in fungal genetics, follow me!